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tv   Fox 5 News Edge at 6  FOX  September 14, 2012 6:00pm-6:30pm EDT

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took the money, but delivered nothing. >> the state's attorney for montgomery county says 11 different individuals lost money and in some cases, lost their homes or businesses because of the dealings of these two men. carlos sanchez and franco. both men are latino and prosecutors say both preyed on the large latino community that lives in this area. >> i think by its design, it targeted individuals with the thought that the people he was targeting would never report their crime or bring to the attention of the authorities the fact they have been bilked and scammed of their moneys. >> forme radio executive was talked into giving the pair $6,000 in so-called commitment money for them to arrange a large business loan. >> he promised me he was going get me $1 million. to purchase a station. a transmitter. >> loan never came through. after an investigation was begun, franco began cooperating with authorities.
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he pleaded guilty, served a short sentence, and is being deported to his native country. sanchez's defense attorney ridiculed the scheme. on which by the way the word, financial, is misspelled. some business meetings for the loans were conducted in a laundromat in gaithersburg. friends of sanchez think prosecutors were too quick to believe the coconspirator. >> the guy who did it is not in this country. >> four different victims identified carlos sanchez as one of the two men who asked for large sums of money and delivered nothing. prosecutors say two of the victims lost their homes because of the swindle. >> circuit judge said the jury did not air in this case and gave carlos sanchez a seven- year prison sentence. fined him $15,000, and ordered him to pay $48,000 in restitution for the victims.
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>> prosecutors said this was latino targeting other latinos. did they target anyone else? >> they did not. they did not. the prosecutor believes that because both parties were spanish speaking, my own people wouldn't do this to me. he also thinks because so many of the immigrants in this area are undocumented, that they would be afraid to call police. mccarthy said if you're a victim, his office does not care about your immigration status. please call authorities if you are scammed out of money. >> john hanrahan tonight. >> a deal has been reached between maryland state prosecutors and a house delegate accused of theft. prosecutor, emmett davis, says a verbal agreement has been reached with tiffany. she's accused of using campaign funds to pay for her wedding expenses and for using state money to pay worker in her private law firm. the president and secretary of state honor the u.s.
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ambassador and three americans killed in the attack on the u.s. consulate. today an emotional tribute during a transfer of remains ceremony. teams of seven marines carried the caskets off a plane at joint base andrews. president obama called the men patriots. their deaths were not in vain. >> four americans. four patriots. they love this country and they chose to serve it and served it well. they had a mission and they believed in it. they knew the danger and they accepted it. >> the america must keep leading the world. we owe it to those four men to continue the long, hard, work of diplomacy. so we will wipe away our tears, stiffen our spines, and face
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the future undaunted. >> the murders along with the escalated attacks have increased tensions and accusations on capitol hill. today the white house outlined steps and reacted strongly to increased criticisms of foreign policy. fox news correspondent has that story. >> the white house struck down any suggestion of advanced warning of the libyan attack. >> i have seen that report and the story is absolutely wrong. we were not aware of any actionable intelligence. >> cia director was back on the hill for a second day of high level meetings as the administration faced increased criticism. >> everything is unraveling in that part of the world because the united states is weak. this president does not understand the importance of american leadership. there's a lot of other information surrounding it that leads me to believe this was clearly an act of terrorism. >> what is described as an extremely rare briefing, president obama spoke with all
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four top congressional leaders thursday. the same day he issued a warning during a campaign stop. >> no act of terror will go unpunnished. >> on the road today, his republican rival, who was initially out front with harsh words for the handling of the attack, skipped foreign policy and offered a moment of silence for the four victims. >> we remember those who serve and provide us with the liberty we enjoy and the prosperity and freedoms that are a part of the american experience. >> white house was quick to react to earlier republican attacks. >> what seems to be an attempt to score a political point has been wrong and poorly timed. >> president obama ordered a security review of u.s. diplomatic securities worldwide. in washington, craig boswell, fox news. >> the latest on bomb scarce on two college campuses. the university of texas in austin and north dakota state
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university were evacuated. the university of texas call came from someone claiming to be with al-qaeda. plays bombs all over the campus. no explosions took place, campuses have since reopened. after brief questioning, police know more about the shooting in morgan state university. the 19-year-old victim was on campus visiting a relative. a member of the school football team. a gunman walked on to the campus wednesday, shot the teenager in the stomach inside the student center. investigators don't believe the victim or the gunman or students, but they believe the two did know each other. reagan national airport. officers brought the west virginia man tried to bring the gun on a plane early this morning. the gun, magazine, and ammunitions were in the man's carry on bag. stopped at a security check point. the man sited on state weapons charges. the edge on virginia where a controversial decision to
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enforce tough new clinic rules is upheld. the state board of held voted to pass regulations. the new rules require new and existing abortion clinics to expand the width, provide uncovered entrances and parking. opponents are medically unnecessary. as it stands, no abortion clinics meet the requirements. virginia senate candidate, tim kaine, is chris crossing the commonwealth looking for votes. stopped by fox 5 morning news this morning and gave his assessment as it stands now. >> a very close race. we have 53 days and it's been 19 months, full-time campaign. so you know, it's a long swog, but it goes by quick. the next 53 will go by faster. >> george allen have been spending a lot of time campaigning in virginia. while the candidates may agree, northern virginia will be pivotal to determine who will be the next senator. >> political cartoons almost
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as old as our democracy. this weekend some of the country's well known political cartoonists are in town. the event is taking place in george washington university. the worker is one of those. he won this year's award for cartooning. >> the nice thing about working in washington is members in congress see your work and you'll do stuff and you'll think, well this is really going to upset them. they are going to be so mad. you get a call and the congress member would love that vicious character you drew of him. >> the political cartoon festival will continue tomorrow between 9:00 and 5:00 on the george washington university campus. the event is being held at the jack morton. >> nintendo makes a big announcement. what the company is doing to grab gamers. >> on the heels of the weekend, i guess for some of you, the weekend is already here. looks good. we'll have the complete forecast.
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it's all coming up. lindsey. hey gary. the lockout looms. what is the status of pierre and will he play sunday? your answer coming up in sports. brian. >> if you have a story idea, give us a call. 202-895-2000. shoot us an e-mail. hey scott. kinda late in the year to be feedin' yourur lawn, isn't it?
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metro admits its new rush plus program, service is supposed to alleviate congestion along the blue, orange, yellow, and green lines. making the switch to the yellow line. in june, metro anticipated riders would make the switch and reduce the number of red line trains. that will affect passengers on four of the five lines. the only line not affected is the yellow. work will begin at 10:00 tonight and runs through sunday night. we have details on our website. click on web links.
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d.c.'s newest neighborhood getting a financial boost. today mayor vincent gray has a $5,000 redevelopment plan for the neighborhood. the thriving community behind union station could see several parks, smaller dog parks, playgrounds, and walking trails. proposal is in its initial stages. the tent goes up for the surface. the golden white tent was erected. the circus celebrating its 35th anniversary. the show making its annual stop. kids and kids at heart can see all the excitement through october 8. is the iphone worth all the hype? the tech experts weigh in just ahead. have you heard this yet? his viral hit landed him a record deal here in the u.s. he
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performed the song on the today show in new york this morning. the beat catching horse riding dance made it an international. [ male announcer ] this is america's manufacturing
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when president obama took office. this is china's. under obama, we've lost over half a million manufacturing jobs and for the first time, china's beating us. seven times obama could've stopped china's cheating.
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seven times he refused. it's time to stand up to the cheaters, and make sure we protect jobs for the american people. [ male announcer ] barack obama: failing to stop cheating. failing american workers. i'm mitt romney and i approve this message. preorders for apple's iphone 5 sold out in less than an hour today. of course there was a hickup. there was a glitch online. hundreds of customers are greeted with the dreaded multilingual, we'll be back sign. due to the overwelming response, orders placed are scheduled to ship in two weeks. if you really need the new phone, you'll have to stand in line at an apple store on september 21. the iphone 5 is buzzing, but the highest -- fox news
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correspondent is looking at this week. >> bigger screen, and it can down load up to 100 megabits per second. is the iphone 5 worth getting rid of your current mobile device or is it all hype? >> largely it is updates. but all the people i have spoken to so far say they love it, they have to get it no matter what. >> they held it right here in the palm of my hand and it is worth every ounce of the hype. the iphone is slimming down, too. apple says the new version is the world's thinnest smart phone. 18% thinner than the iphone 4s. >> it fits right there. and my thumb is in perfect access for my thumb to swipe. >> what about all the new bells and whistles? >> if you want to use it for a phone and only a phone, you might want something else. if you want it very video and
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photos, it's worth every penny. >> you get a better screen, a bigger battery. >> one detail some consumers aren't happy with is a new plug that won't work with older iphones or apple products. >> it will come with a new plug and an adapter. >> we need the space on the phone to give that longer battery device. wait until you feel it. it really is that much better. >> apple says the iphone 5 will go on sale in the u.s. on september 22. >> the iphone may be for the adults, but this christmas for kids it's all about the wii. today nintendo announced the wiiu will hit shelves. it costs $300. the deluxe set and additional accessories starts at $350. the good news is, users can play video games and watch tv and video on the wiiu.
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all right. cruising into the weekend. looking good still? >> and it looks better now than what it was looking earlier in the week. which is a plus. if it goes in that direction, we're happy. if it goes in the other direction, not so much. great evening out there. it does look like for all intents and purposes, it turns into a great day. beautiful picture of the flag. there's not a lot of wind blowing. that is going to change. because that's one of the stories for tomorrow. it is going to be breezy. 82 in all points and national is 82. dulles 82. bwi marshal 82 degrees. i should say highs today, not yesterday. 81 degrees in the city. 77 for gaithersburg. right now sitting at 79 degrees. this is the forecast for the evening hours. 76 degrees or so at 7:00. just a few clouds, but pretty much what it is now. a few clouds at 9:00 and a few
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clouds at 11:00. temperatures will be cooling down into the upper 60s. there is a front back out to the west of us, but it's nothing that we really need to worry about from the overnight hours. certainly this weekend is looking nice out there. again tomorrow a little bit breezy and we'll watch a few clouds late day on sunday. but other than that, it's going to be dry. 78 tomorrow. the humidity that we had today and granted, it wasn't a lot. it's going to take a nose dive this weekend as this cooler and dryer air settles on in. you can see both days this weekend. we're talking about temperatures in the upper 70s. where's the rain? we have clouds in place here most of the cloud cover now has shifted just to the east of us. out toward the eastern shore and the bay. but we have to watch this. further to the north, there is some substantial rain, even a couple thunderstorms up there. but you see it chased the front to the south and you'll lose a lot of that rain. a lot of that moisture.
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we don't really have to worry about much. this will come across with little fanfare. the frontal system is lurking back there pulling into ohio now. again, cooler and dry air behind the front. this will come through overnight tonight. it will change things a little bit. it will kick up the wind a bit and change the wind to the northwest. looking at temperatures tonight down into the middle 60s. 63 for dulles and 63 for manassas and how about tonight? 64 degrees. winds will become northwest at 10 miles per hour. mostly sunshine tomorrow, on the breezy side. fox 5accu weather seven-day forecast, 70s for the weekend. it does look like rain is likely on monday, tuesday, and we start drying out toward the middle part of next week. >> all right gary, thanks. president obama welcomed this year's u.s. olympic teams to the white house. the president, first lady, and joe biden saluted the athletes in a ceremony on the south lawn. they each thanked the athletes for being good role models. >> it was a great way to end
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the day watching you guys do things that i did not think were humanly possible. i was inspired to run a little bit faster watching tyson gay and left a little more after watching holly mangold. a few more crunches after watching michael phelps and the other swimmers. somehow it didn't work quite on me. >> at the o olympics, 46 of them gold. the par olympics tracked 2.7 million spectators. the nats begin their three- game series tonight against the rival. atlanta braves. lindsey murphy has the latest on the team after the break. oscar the raccoon dentist. checks a very patient beagle's mouth. the dog doesn't seem to be enjoying the checkup very much. but the raccoon is persistent and almost jams his hand inside
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[ male announcer ] barack obama: failing to stop cheating. failing american workers. i'm mitt romney and i approve this message. hello, everybody. i'm lindsey murphy. time is ticking away. the players union and nhl are not in an agreement as the current cba is set to expire at midnight tomorrow. training camps are supposed to open september 21. the season set to begin october 11. this will be the nhl's fourth work stoppage since 1992. >> days after resigning troy, the caps resigned defenseman, john carlson to his sixth year, $23.8 million contract extension. the carlson recorded nine goals, and 23 assists. he and carl have become quite the tandem. here's carl on his decision to
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say. >> i can focus on myself rather than the team rather than trying to focus on what comes next. everyone is different. i just, i mean i really like the city. i like the situation and you know, being close to home and the team we felt here. you know, this is what i wanted to do and i was addment about it. >> today was the redskins final day of practice. they will leave tomorrow for st. louis to a fifth straight season. we still do not know if wide receiver will play on sunday. he will be a game-time decision. he did do some work today, but dealing with foot plain. throughout the preseason, he was robert griffin iii's top target. the two connected on an 88-yard strike early and it was during that play that he was injured. here is mike shanahan on his condition. >> i think it's pretty easy when it's pain tolerance. feels like he can go full speed
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and let him go. it's a situation where you are going to make it a lot worse, obviously the chances of playing aren't very good. right now it's pain tolerance. we'll see you before the game. obviously it can take something to help himself a little bit. so we'll get a workout before the game and we'll know then. >> the nationals are still the best in the bigs. sitting at 89-54 heading into tonight's game in atlanta. their lead in the nl east is a season high 8 1/2 games after sweeping the mets while the braves were swept by the brewers. the mets magic number is 11. ross gets the start in search of his 10th winn. here is davey johnson on the big series. >> we have a big series coming up friday and we need to show them we are supposed to be where we're at. this is a big series. you know, we need to drive the nail in their coffin over here and come into atlanta and that's what we are doing.
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>> a sweep would mean an 11 1/2 game lead. the magic number of five. that's all for sports. >> one last look at the forecast. >> it's a great weekend, a little fallish. a little on the breezy side. 78 tomorrow with winds 10 to 20 miles per hour. a little bit warmer on sunday. a few clouds late. high of 79 degrees. we'll take it. >> thankses. now you have the news edge. the news is always on have a fantastic night. go out and enjoy it. we're back at 10:00. keep it right here, tmz on tv is on next. see you.
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